Is Kelsea Ballerini the Cure for Everything?

And Is Her Realgram the Saddest?

Oh, the glamorous life of a country star.

Wait, what? Kelsea Ballerini is on the bathroom floor throwing up? Maybe life at the top is not so perfect after all. Maybe the flu doesn’t care how many singles you’ve had on the charts. And maybe being honest with your fans is the best medicine ever.

Ballerini got real on Instagram on Tuesday night (Feb. 20) to tell her fans, friends and followers what was going on with her.

“Realgram,” Ballerini titled the post. “’Legends’ may be the number one song in country music this week, but I am covered in sweat on the bathroom floor getting cozy with the commode in yesterday’s clothes with my mom coming over so I can lay in her lap until this flu runs its course.”

What that meant for Ballerini is that she kind of had to call in sick for work, meaning, “It looks like a canceled writing session, Opry performance, and team celebration.”

What she got from the flu instead was some much-needed perspective. “It also looks like life reminding me that I’m not invincible, that even during a mountaintop week it will make me sit down and be humble, and that mommas don’t care if you are on the top of the chart or at the bottom of your bank account…they still make you soup and rub your back and Lysol the bejeesus out of everything the same.”