There’s More to Jake Owen Than the Music

His Life, His Daughter and His Dog Shine on Socials

There’s a saying in country music that it all starts with a song. But after seeing Jake Owen’s latest Instagram post, I think maybe it actually starts with a life.

On Thursday morning (Feb. 22), Owen shared an adorable, unstaged picture of his daughter Pearl and their German Shepherd Axel.

“I’ve realized when I look at my pics I’ve posted, I’ve been putting up a lot of photos of my little girl. That’s because she’s what makes me proud,” Owen wrote.

And he’s always kind of approached social media with an open-book attitude. He doesn’t just post pictures to promote his music or his shows. He uses it to promote his life, in a way. He is a country star, yes. But he’s also a brother, a son, a father and a friend.

“This is a platform where we can share ’content’ with the world, family, friends and yeah… my fans. My life isn’t just pictures of me strumming a guitar or crowds with lighters in the air. She’s my life, and everything else comes second. That’s why I’m posting this photo.

“And oh yeah, I love my dog too,” he said.

There wasn’t even a mention of his new song, “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)” that will be released to country radio in early March.

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