Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 6 Episode 8

Sometimes You Just Can't Win

The mid-season finale of Nashville was full of drama, and raised several questions.

Check out the episode’s biggest moments:

  1. Brokenhearted Return

    Avery flies home from Bolivia without Juliette.

  2. Ready for the Challenge

    Daphne works on an EP and submits an application for Nashville’s Next Country Star behind Deacon’s back.

  3. Brad Strikes a Nerve

    Jake tells Jessie about his dad’s plans for him.

  4. Band Blow Up

    The Last Highways book a gig on The Chew, and Will gets angry when Alannah asks for him to take the lead on one of their performances.

  5. Daphne Takes a Chance

    She sneaks out to audition for Nashville’s Next Country Star.

  6. Fight to the Finish

    Jessie confronts Brad about sending Jake to boarding school.

  7. Cause for Concern

    Will continues to experience strange symptoms.

  8. Ready to Move On

    Avery confides in Deacon that he’s done trying to make his relationship with Juliette work.

  9. A Sweet “Thank You”

    Sean sings Scarlett a song to show his appreciation for her trying to help during his hard times.

  10. Making the Cut

    Daphne is named a finalist for Nashville’s Next Country Star.

  11. Pushed to His Limit

    After Brad storms into Jake’s room, Deacon has enough and intervenes.

  12. Medical Emergency

    Will collapses during the band’s television performance.

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