GQ Names 15 Sultans of Twang

And We Chose Our Fave Three

Alan Jackson in Levi’s and a Stetson hat, Chris Stapleton in a Manuel jacket and a Wrangler shirt, and Vince Gill in a Versace coat worth $29,825. Those are our favorite three of the 15 country and Americana artists that the men’s magazine GQ has decked out for the Spring 2018 issue.

The photo spread is full of stories from the artists they call legends (or legends to be), and most of them have nothing to do with their threads.

Jackson shares what country was like when he was getting his start. “Some of it was more pop than the stuff they’re making now,” Jackson told GQ. “People tell me over and over again that I’m the one that’s kept alive what little bit of country music’s left. I’m really proud of that, and that’s what I came to Nashville to do.”

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