Music City: The Big Moments From Season 1 Episode 1

For All the Dreamers

The series premiere of CMT’s docu-series Music City gave us a glimpse at what’s in store this season.

Check out the episode’s biggest moments:

  1. Not Ready to Break the News

    During a low-key night in, Kerry avoids telling Rachyl when he’s heading out on the road again.

  2. Let’s Get Physical

    Jackson teaches an intense cycling class.

  3. Enjoying the View

    Rachyl, Alisa and Sarah attend Jackson’s class.

  4. Will sparks fly?

    Rachyl sets Jackson and Jessica up on a blind date.

  5. Getting Flirty

    Jackson and Jessica have fun singing and laughing during their date.

  6. Not Impressed

    Jackson’s cousin Alexandra seems skeptical about his interest in a musician.

  7. Change in Plans

    Jackson finds out he can’t invite Jessica along to watch Alexandra compete in the Miss Tennessee USA pageant.

  8. Not What She Signed Up For

    Rachyl gets upset after finding out Kerry will be on the road for six weeks.

  9. They Can Duet

    Kerry invites Jessica to perform a song during his show.

  10. Here’s to You

    Kerry dedicates a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill” to Rachyl during his show.

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