Kenny Chesney: Sin City Before “Sun” Trip

Counting on No Shoes Nation to Be Loud and Proud

Think of this as Kenny Chesney’s tour rehearsal.

The country star is heading out to Sin City for two club shows on March 16-17 before he embarks on his Trip Around the Sun tour.

“Some years, we do the Keg in the Closet at a lot of the college bars in SEC towns,” Chesney said in a press release. “Some years, we do the Keg in the Keys.

“But this year, I thought we should do something different. Rather than the last-minute announce and scramble, go ahead and set the dates, and announce them early. We’ve had such a great relationship with The Joint, that room puts everybody right in the heart of the show — and there’s so much great rock & roll history at the Hard Rock, I thought it would be a great place to kick off the year,” he said. Chesney christened the intimate 4,000-seat The Joint when it re-opened in 2009.

He’s been off the road for about a year, and Chesney says that the hiatus is what makes him want to get out on the road even more.

“I’ve been thinking about the tour, what we’re going to do for months. But even more than what’s on the screens, or how we’re going to do the sound and lighting this year, the idea of getting to hear the No Shoes Nation sing these songs drives me to do all of this,” he said, “and so rather than waiting for Tampa, we’re going to Vegas for a little party.

“As a room, The Joint is so live — and so close, no matter where the people are sitting — you can’t help but feel the electricity in the crowd. No Shoes Nation is always loud, proud and sings their hearts out. In a place like The Joint, it’s just that much more intense.”