Jordan Davis on His Nashville Firsts

Learns Why One Should Never Follow Carly Pearce

Rising artist and Louisiana native Jordan Davis first learned about the Vietnam War growing up on long drives to the family deer camp.

His father loved John Prine, and his 1971 self-titled debut was always on heavy rotation. Back then, Davis couldn’t wrap his nine-year-old brain around the “Sam Stone” lyrics, “There’s a hole in daddy’s arm where the money goes.” During our interview, Davis says those long drives to Prine were his earliest introductions to true songwriting.

“I asked my dad,” Davis recalled, “‘What the hell does that mean?’ I can’t remember his answer, but I remember being fixated on that one line. It just blossomed from Prine, to Jim Croce, to Kris Kristofferson, to Don Williams. I always found myself loving those records, and I still listen to them.”

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