The Man Behind Walker Hayes’ “Craig”

If Life Hands You a Minivan, Make Music

Walker Hayes introduced me to his friend Craig. Not literally, but he helped me get to know the man who inspired his latest single “Craig.”

I had the chance to ask him about the song; one Hayes calls the most touching one on his album, boom.

“I’m not a churchgoer,” Hayes told me. “I had a lot of wrong preconceived notions about church-y folks, and I’m bad at judging the messenger not the message. But my wife dragged me to church. And I met this guy, Craig.”

“He was so genuine, even though I was messed up at the time. I think I even showed up that night a little drunk after watching football all day. But this guy, and I hit it off.”

At the time, Hayes and his wife were down to one car and six kids.

“I was working at Costco, and all we had was our Honda. We had to share it. We must’ve looked like we were crazy. But Craig and his family held our hand through life for a minute.”

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