Music City’s Jessica Mack Uplifts Others on One Love

Debut Features 12 Originals Including “Still Out There” and “A Million Ways”

Ways to express love for another person are infinite. But there are just as many ways that love can break a heart.

Music City’s Jessica Mack articulates that message beautifully in an intimate studio performance of “A Million Ways,” one of her originals from her 12-song full-length debut One Love. Subtle strings arrangements surprise the listener as Mack’s ethereal voice glides through just a few of the million ways love can break a heart.

She sings, “How can a love just give up overnight? / Shouting through a crowded room / Or whispering alone with you / All the bombs drop the same way / With a, ‘Wish you could, but you can’t stay.’”

“Ultimately, I hope listening to my music gives the listener joy,” she tells “A lot of my songs are upbeat and happy, and hopefully it can also encourage them.

“This world needs a lot of love, and we need to realize, the differences between us are beautiful. We don’t need to be so close-minded. I want to spread the message of loving everybody equally.”

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