Brothers Osborne on How Country Music Handles Tough Issues

And Why Everyone Should “Slow Your Roll”

Brothers Osborne’s TJ and John Osborne wouldn’t be 100 percent them if they didn’t speak their truth.

When it comes to the subjects they cover in their music and what their fans are going through around world, the listener can rely on the two Nashville, Tenn. transplants from Deale, Maryland to speak honestly. They believe they owe that to their fans.

“When fans invest in us they know they’re getting the real deal,” frontman TJ said over the phone during an interview to promote their next album, Port Saint Joe (available April 20). The album is available for pre-order on Friday (March 30).

“Luke Bryan is successful because he’s 100 percent himself. When you hang out backstage with Luke, he’s the guy you see onstage. He’s not trying to pretend to be someone else. When we go out and play a show, we try and think about what the crowd would want. We wouldn’t be here without them.”

But when it comes to their personal views on the current issues facing America today, they understand that some of their fans might not always agree with their personal political views. From where they perform onstage every night, they see thousands of fans trying escape from a world where every aspect of life seems to be politicized.

“People say, ‘Stay out of politics,’” TJ said, “I think that is a really terrible thing to say because we should all be involved in politics even if we disagree with each other. We should all be aware of what’s going on.”

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