LOCASH’s Chris Lucas On the Calls That Changed Everything

One Involved Keith Urban and the Other Involved the Orlando Police

Imagine getting two phone calls in one day, both about potential dream jobs.

That’s what happened to LOCASH’s Chris Lucas. His application to be a part of the Orlando Police Department was in, and so was the song he and bandmate Preston Brust had written for Keith Urban. And both good-news calls came in on the very same day.

Urban called to say he was cutting “You Gonna Fly,” according to an interview with CBS.

“I don’t cry very often, but I mean, I literally held up my little boy like Simba in The Lion King,” Lucas said.

“I’m going down the highway, and my phone rings. And it’s Keith Urban, And he says, ‘Hey, it’s Keith Urban,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, right.’ I said, ‘Stop the car,’ and I got out,” Brust said of the call he got from Urban. “You just look up to the heavens and you’re just like, ‘Yes!'”

That song, plus a hit the duo wrote for Tim McGraw, paved the way for their own career highs. It just took a little bit longer than Lucas and Brust expected.

“When no one else believed, we kept believing. Our circle kept getting smaller and smaller as the years went by, and it just came down to us,” Lucas said. Well, them and God. “We’re nothing without God.”

Before Lucas was counting those blessings, he recalled when the two performed regularly at Nashville’s Wildhorse Saloon and he was teaching Brust all about secular music. “Because he grew up on Gospel.”

LOCASH heads to the 53rd annual ACM Awards with a nomination for vocal duo of the year.