Jason Aldean Lists Pros and Cons of Socials

Why He's Weirded Out About Oversharing

Sixteen. Since Memphis Aldean was born four months ago, that’s how many times he’s had a starring role in Jason Aldean’s Instagram.

And the way Aldean sees it, it’s his wife Brittany who has gotten him into sharing a little bit more of his personal life with his fans.

“If you’ve noticed, my wife’s a lot more active on that stuff than I am. I’ve always been pretty mindful of being really careful about showing my kids and stuff on there. The fact that Britt does it more with (Memphis), it kind of opens me up to doing it a little more with him,” Aldean told CMT.com. “But I’m still a little weirded out with my daughters, just because I have never done that much of that with them.”

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