Nashville Predators Get Dierks Bentley and Knox on the Ice

Play Optional Practice with NHL Team

Whatever the Internet brings this week, nothing will be better than the video of Knox Bentley — in full hockey gear and looking dead serious about the game — on the ice for an optional practice with the Nashville Predators.


It is just that adorable to see the four year old skating late last week with his dad Dierks Bentley, plus the team’s Pekka Rinne and Eeli Tolvanen.

Bentley has loved hockey forever, and apparently, Knox inherited that same gene. So for both Bentleys, the day had to feel like a dream come true.

“It’s like Predators fantasy camp day for me. It’s a chance to skate with the guys and then sign autographs wearing a Predators jersey. I feel there’s something really wrong about that. If you’ve seen me skate, you know that’s really not a good thing. It was really fun, man,” Bentley said when he came off the ice.

The ultimate NHL fantasy really did come true last week in Chicago, when accountant Scott Foster was called to the ice to be the Blackhawks’ emergency backup goalie.

Bentley went on to compare hockey games to country concerts. “It reminds me a lot of the music industry where people see our show for an hour and a half every night and think that’s the main thing. It’s about 10 percent of what we do as a band. The crew, the road, the atmosphere backstage, the hang, they’ve got a ping-pong table back here, and we’ve got a ping-pong table backstage at our place. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes other than just the game or just the concert,” he said.

Bentley’s free time — on and off the ice — will be wrapping up soon as he gets ready to kick off his tour on May 17 in Maryland.