“Wave on Wave” Came Out of a Walmart Parking Lot

A Look Inside Dancehall Dreamin': A Tribute to Pat Green

Something was wrong with the bus. That’s what Pat Green told me he remembered about the night he wrote his 2003 hit “Wave on Wave.”

“I remember that we were pulled over in a Walmart parking lot in Birmingham, Ala. I remember that it was 4:00 in the morning, and I was up late just doing what musicians do at that age. And I had this idea. It was pestering me and pestering me, and it wouldn’t let me sleep,” Green said. “I wrote the chorus first; then I went up to the front of the bus to see who was awake. It was just my drummer and keyboard player. They were the only ones still up. I said, ’You boys wanna help me finish our first hit?'”

“That one I knew. I was really certain about that one.”

And now, that Grammy-nominated song is one of 10 tunes on a new tribute album — Dancehall Dreamin’: A Tribute to Pat Green — full of everyone’s favorite Green songs, performed by some of Texas’ favorite troubadours.

After Green took me back to the night he wrote “Wave on Wave,” he told me what it felt like now, 15 years later, to hear Jack Ingram covering it.

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