Music City: The Big Moments From Season 1 Episode 7

I Like You Better

Episode seven of Music City was full of relationship drama — from Rachyl’s frustrations with Kerry, to Savana’s ultimatum to Jackson.

Check out the episode’s biggest moments:

  1. Isn’t She Lovely?

    Alexandra rides in a Christmas parade, and Jackson, Jessica, Kerry and Rachyl attend.

  2. Feeling Frustrated

    Rachyl tells Kerry it’s not good for their family if he goes out drinking with another woman, even if it’s for work.

  3. Friendly Banter

    Jessica and Jackson talk about his upcoming performance and she teaches him how to warm up his vocals.

  4. Ready for Round 2

    Jackson performs “I Like Me Better” at his birthday party.

  5. Feeling the Groove

    Kerry meets up with Brooke Eden again to write some songs.

  6. Not So Funny

    Jackson is caught off guard when Savana starts asking him about Jessica.

  7. Ultimate Ultimatum

    Savana tells Jackson he needs to pick between her and Jessica.

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