Maren Morris on Her Crazy, Badass Video

And Why She Didn't Go All Vegas-y for "Rich"

Before I even saw Maren Morris’ “Rich” video, I saw her new husband Ryan Hurd’s tweet about it. Specifically, his role in the Wild West mini-adventure flick.

“I do my own stunts. Check out my cowboy cameo,” Hurd wrote.

At Morris’ Nashville No. 1 party for “I Could Use a Love Song,” she talked about some of the reasons why she cast him in her music video.

“Ryan looks better than I do in it,” Morris said. “It’s a western. I think a lot of people were thinking we would go super Vegas-y with it. But I think we wanted to do something expected. [Ryan] is the cowboy in it. It was the most fun, easy shoot I’ve ever done. I kind of conquered my fear of horses.”

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