Hillary Scott’s Double Dose of Realities

"You Can Have One, and I Can Hold One"

When Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott got pregnant about a year ago, she made it a double. You know what that means: double everything.

And she’s not shy about sharing all the joys of motherhood now that identical twin girls Betsy and Emory are here; the double blessings and the double dose of realities. Her Instagram, which she could’ve easily used to only post the glamorous side of parenthood, is full of so many real-life pictures that I know other mothers can relate to:

Mama is the babies’ favorite place to sleep.

Motherhood becomes a major reality when a baby pees on you. In public.

Sometimes a car is all the pumping station you need.

A three-hour stretch of sleep is #UniversalNewMomGoals.

Praying this dream comes true.

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Showering and shaving your legs may or may not happen. Ditto for brushing your teeth.

The writing’s on the wall when you also have a four-year-old.

This week’s People magazine has a feature story on Scott and her family of five, which includes her husband Chris Tyrrell, their four-year-old Eisele, and now Betsy and Emory.

“That first night after they were born (I told Chris), ‘It’s pretty cool we don’t have to share. You can have one, and I can hold one.’ We can each hold a baby all the time,” she said of her double blessing from the Lord after suffering a miscarriage.

“It was just one of those things. I was like, ‘They’re meant to be here,’” she said.

After a long stretch on bonding, and hopefully some long stretches of sleeping, Scott will hit the road in July (when the twins are almost seven months old) for the band’s Summer Plays On tour with Darius Rucker and Russell Dickerson.