How a Change Did Jake Owen Some Good

"I Was Jack (You Were Diane)" Marks a New Chapter in Owen's Career

With a new label, an epic new video, and a brand new outlook, this new season of life looks to be his best yet.

Sheryl Crow once famously sang, “A change’ll do you good,” and if you need proof of that, just ask Jake Owen.

The country star has entered into a brand new season of life and a new era of his career, and this fresh start is agreeing with him.

“Musically, everything is in line with kind of where I am personally and also having the label change — there’s been a lot of changes that have not been easy changes, but sometimes, I think a lot of the time, change is great,” the “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)” singer told at a recent private screening event for the song’s epic new music video.

“[Change] sparked a lot of passion on all fronts, personally for myself, and then on the label side of things, from the fans who are excited about the change, and I think they’re seeing it,” he said.

“I think those who are seeing the video for the first time are going to go, ‘Whoa, this isn’t just normal.’”

Oh, it’s anything but normal. It’s positively cinematic.

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