Morgan Wallen’s Musical Moment of Truth

Details the Journey to His Debut Album If I Know Me

“You have your whole life to make your first record,” is a popular saying in the Nashville music community. For rising artist, Morgan Wallen, he’s confident his debut, If I Know Me (out April 27), captures every moment in his musical journey so far.

“To be proud of every single song on there, it’s cool,” he told with a shy smile.

To Wallen, it’s a milestone: a combination of blood, sweat and tears and of vast musical influences that both exemplify country music and expand beyond it. What it also sounds like is an album full of singles. No lulls here; even in the project’s softer sentiments and slower tempos.

“That’s kind of the way we viewed it for sure. I don’t think anybody ever knows the exact plan as far as how many singles or that kind of thing, but we definitely wanted to get the music out there and see what people think. You know, ‘What should we do next?’”

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