Lindsay Ell Revisits John Mayer’s Continuum

Ell's Version of Popular Mayer Album Available May 25

About a year and a half ago, Lindsay Ell shared some very exciting news with fans as she was working on brand new music with a new producer, Sugarland’s Kristian Bush.

Bush was apparently doling out homework assignments during their pre-production process for her full-length debut, The Project, and one of those stuck out as a rather daunting task.

He instructed Ell to record her favorite album of all time, which for the Canadian singer and guitar aficionado is John Mayer’s Continuum. Yes, you’re thinking correctly — cover the entire album top to bottom as if it were her own, kind of like that time Ryan Adams released his version of Taylor Swift’s 1989.

“He [Bush] gave me three rules: I had to play every instrument myself, I had to do it by myself at my studio at the label, and I had to do it in two weeks,” Ell said in a reveal video on her Instagram, where she announced that her version, , was complete and would be released to the world on May 25th.

Back when The Continuum Project was being finalized, Ell spoke with about why this particular assignment was important and how it helped her navigate the creative process for The Project.

“It was a learning experience and it was nothing more than that, and it really helped us find the sound for The Project,” she said. “It was part of the story of how we got to the sound of my album, and I wanted to bring fans into that.”

Like many of her fans, we wondered what Mayer would think about it. For Ell, whatever he feels about it is a-OK with her.

“I just want him to hear it, and at the end of the day, it’s inspired me so much,” she said. “Regardless of what he thought about it, it’s just my snapshot of some of my favorite music.”

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