Hot 20: Brett Young on Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

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Yeah, no. Don’t sign Brett Young up to sing his own songs at his own wedding.

Young — who will marry his longtime girlfriend Taylor Mills later this year — recently shared with CMT Hot 20 Countdown what he will and will not do at the wedding.

Even though Young has had three bona fide country hits since his debut in 2016, he told CMT’s Katie Cook that doesn’t mean he wants to sing them on his big day. That’s where he draws the line.

“We did go to look at the venue we’re settled on. She had seen it, but she wanted to make sure I had seen it,” Young said.

“I didn’t want to,” he said about whether or not he’d be doing any singing on the big day. “But I recently got the feeling that she wants me to do at least one song. I think it will be really cheesy to do one of mine. So I’m trying to figure out what the cool, subtle thing to do is so that she gets the moment she’s looking for. And I don’t feel like I totally sold out on my wedding day.”

Young’s father is a pastor, and he compared singing at his own wedding to having his dad officiate the wedding. “He doesn’t want to do the wedding. He wants to be at his son’s wedding.”

So while his first three singles — “Sleep Without You,” “In Case You Didn’t Know,” “Like I Loved You” — are all love ballads of some sort, he will have to look for other tunes to sing for Mills. “Once I found out it was important to her, I’m now trying to figure out what it’s going to be,” he said. In the country genre alone, there is an endless supply of songs that would be perfect for their wedding.

Young proposed to Mills in February, near the Ole Miss campus in Oxford, Miss. where he went to college. But he’d said earlier that her school — Arizona State University in Tempe, Ariz. — is the most likely setting for the wedding.

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