Emotions Take Over in Carrie Underwood’s “Cry Pretty”

Watch the Superstar's Soul-baring Video

It’s hard to recall a moment where we’ve seen Carrie Underwood as vulnerable as she is in the official video for her latest single “Cry Pretty.”

Real tears flow as she pours her heart and soul into this powerful performance, capturing the heavy emotions of the song’s lyrics. Released in the days leading up to her first public performance since her freak accident at home, the song feels eerily autobiographical when considering the circumstances.

What we see in the video is a glamorous superstar attempting to carry on with her life, when clearly what’s the below the surface is anything but perfect. All the makeup and faux furs in the world can’t hide nor heal pain, and even the brightest stars have moments of darkness. So often we forget that they, too, are humans just like the rest of us, climbing the same mountains and walking through the same valleys.

Just like the lyrics acknowledge, it’s very unlike the usually-private Underwood to bare her soul and heart with the world on this level. It’s real, it’s brave, and it’s an important reminder for all of us to know that it’s OK to hurt, feel, grieve and take a second to just flat-out ugly cry.

Of all the powerful messages often found in her music, this one may be among the most important yet.

Underwood will return to American Idol on May 13 to be a guest mentor as the show closes in on finding the next budding superstar.

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