When Garth Brooks Is in Your Corner

He Calls Randall King a “Hell of a Songwriter”

Did you hear Garth Brooks talking about country newcomer Randall King during his recent Inside Studio G Facebook live video? Because King sure did.

“I can’t even begin to say what it means to me to have a super star like Garth say the things he did. Thank you wouldn’t even cut it. He is the pinnacle. I’ve never met someone who is as genuine and real as Garth is, and to have him shout out my record and say what he did, you can’t ask for anything better,” King said in a press release.

The things Brooks said—after hearing a song King had co-written and cut, a song that he was hoping Brooks might cut for his next record—was that the newcomer was most likely destined for greatness.

“Everybody always asks me, ‘Who are the new people that you’re looking at coming up?’ Guys, I’m gonna tell you right now. This kid right here. Randall King,” Brooks had said.

“All I can say is: sweet guy, good guy, hell of a songwriter,” was how Brooks summed him up. King isn’t signed to a major Nashville label yet, but that may change. Soon. “This kid is what country music is all about to me.”

And it’s no surprise that King’s brand new debut album Randall King sounds a lot like Brooks’ 1989 debut album: packed with carefully crafted lyrics, plenty of steel guitar, and enough of a twang to make the music feel undeniably country.

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