Twelve Times Little Big Town Rocked the #CMTawards

A Gallery of the Best Little Big Moments

What makes a good awards show host? If it’s showing up year after year for 12 years, and being outspoken ambassadors for the country music, then it’s no wonder Little Big Town scored this gig.

The band will host the 2018 CMT Music Awards on June 6, and everyone is more than ready for this. In 2006, the world was just getting to know Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Kimberly Schlapman and Phillip Sweet as the four singers behind the infectious breakout hit “Boondocks.” And that very same year, Little Big Town took their entry-level place on one of CMT’s outdoor stages.

And then fast forward to 2017, when they performed their bittersweet ballad “When Someone Stops Loving You” and also took home the group video of the year award for “Better Man.”

So all in all, that makes 12 times they’ve graced our CMT Music Awards with their presence. Here’s a look back at all the times Little Big Town was here for us.

  1. 2006 CMT Music Awards Block Party

    The band played for their newly formed fan base at an outdoor stage for the CMT Music Awards Block Party.

  2. 2007 CMT Music Awards red carpet

    In 2007, Little Big Town took one of their first walks down the CMT Music Awards red carpet before the show started.

  3. 2008 CMT Music Awards with Sugarland and Jake Owen

    The band took the main stage for a collaboration with Sugarland and Jake Owen. The artists had all hit the road together as part of the CMT on Tour that year.

  4. 2009 CMT Music Awards afterparty

    Fairchild and Schlapman had a chance to stick around for the swanky wrap party.

  5. 2010 CMT Music Awards with Jamey Johnson

    The band took the stage with Jamey Johnson in 2010 to be part of his “Macon.”

  6. 2011 CMT Music Awards

    The band was there for us again in 2011, hitting the side stage during the live broadcast.

  7. 2012 CMT Music Awards

    Little Big Town arrived onstage atop a deck boat to premiere their summertime anthem and what became their first No. 1, “Pontoon.”

  8. 2013 CMT Music Awards

    The band joined Keith Urban in 2013 for a highly-anticipated cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.”

  9. 2014 CMT Music Awards

    Mike Coppola/WireImage
    Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

    It was a complete white out for Little Big Town. All four band members wore white and played white instruments. That is, until the colorful paint started to wash over them during their premiere of “Day Drinking.”

  10. 2015 CMT Music Awards

    C Flanigan/WireImage

    The year they celebrated the 10th anniversary of their breakout hit “Boondocks,” the band walked the CMT Music Awards red carpet like the pros they are.

  11. 2016 CMT Music Awards


    Little Big Town closed the show with Pharrell Williams, singing the song they all wrote together, “One Dance.”

  12. 2017 CMT Music Awards

    J. Merritt/FilmMagic

    Little Big Town delivered a moving rendition of “When Someone Stops Loving You.”

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