Jason Aldean’s New Bar by the Numbers

Star's Kitchen + Roof Top Bar Opens in June

The details about Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Roof Top Bar in Nashville are just starting to come in, and the numbers are looking very, very promising. This is how things add up at JAKRTB:

4: Number of stories in the establishment

27,000: The number of square feet in the entire space

2: Number of menu items using Aldean’s songs in the name (Hicktown Mini Bison Burgers and Big Green Tractor Tacos)

6: Number of cocktails named after Aldean’s hit singles

4: The number of floors that can host live music

2: Video walls dedicated to sharing sporting events and country music videos with guests

250: Places to sit for dinner, lunch and/or brunch

1: How many drinks that sound like Aldean was the one who named them (Manmosa)

6: How many bars there will be

1: The number of 1961 4020 John Deere tractors on display

“It’s pretty cool to finally have my own spot downtown where people can go and have a good time. We’ve been working on this for a while and I’m looking forward to having everyone in town for CMA Music Fest help break it in,” Aldean said in a press release. He’s also hoping that anyone who visits will become part of his Aldean Army of fans.

Chef Tomasz Wosiak and Aldean collaborated on every part of the menu, even going the extra mile to recreate Aldean’s mother’s own Homemade Peach Cobbler.

Aldean’s place will be on Lower Broadway between 3rd and 4th avenues — the actual address is 311 Broadway — and will open on June 5 with what is reportedly one of the largest outdoor patios in the city.

Between now and the June grand opening, though, Aldean still has ten tour stops throughout the Midwest and Northeast.