Luke Bryan: “Good Things Are Happening”

He Explains the Chemistry of American Idol

On May 4, Luke Bryan made the announcement everyone was probably hoping he’d make. That he’ll be back, and that American Idol will be back.

“Hey guys, it’s Luke here. And big news: American Idol is coming back for season two, and it’s all because of you guys — the music fans out there for bringing it back. Thanks for tuning in this season. Keep voting on this season. And we’re so excited we get year two,” Bryan said in a video he posted on social media.

So when CMT’s Cody Alan caught up with Bryan right after that announcement, he asked him how it felt to find out about the 2019 season.

“It’s funny kind of leaving the country music world, the radio world and going into TV mode,” Bryan said.

“I’ve had people come up to me saying it’s a big deal, man, when you can get a show picked up a second year. That means some good things are happening.”

Bryan added that he thinks the show and the judges are just hitting their stride, which may be why everyone is sticking around for the next round.

“We’re starting to (have) chemistry as judges. And obviously (Ryan) Seacrest has it,” he added, “I mean, he’s just a pro. But then when you look at the contestants — our top 10 and our top 7 — it’s really a contestant-driven show. And if we can put contestants on there that (make) people want to tune in and rally behind, it makes the show even more special.”

Bryan will again join his current panel of judges — Lionel Richie and Katy Perry — along with the show’s host, Seacrest.

CMT Hot 20 Countdown’s full interview with Bryan airs on Saturday and Sunday (May 12 and 13) at 9 a.m. ET.