Keith Urban on the Art of “Dwighting” It

Urban Confesses His Unlikely Style Icon

It’s a new verb all the cool country kids should adopt immediately: the art of “Dwighting.”

If you’ve visited East Nashville lately or recently caught wind of any new hipster country band poster, you’ve probably seen the practice in motion without even realizing it.

It seems Dwight Yoakam’s style circa 1990 is back: Bolero jackets, bolo ties, snakeskin boots and jeans so tight you couldn’t hide a secret in them.

Keith Urban’s right there with them — or at least he was back then. Urban has always been a Yoakam fan, but we had no idea that he was such a fan of the country legend’s signature style, as well; so much so that he basically adopted it himself and even gave it a catchphrase: “dwighting.”

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