Brothers Osborne Rise Through the Ranks with Friends

The Group that Parties Together "Makes it" Together

Success in Nashville always seems to come in groups, with many artists making their rise to prominence as a bonded crew; or a fraternity or sorority even.

It’s almost like high school where everyone belongs to a class and that class graduates together.

Ironically enough, much of the current crop of Nashville success stories were not only in the same “class,” but were also real-life buds that spent as much time hanging at each other’s houses as they did performing around town.

Back before they were winning awards, Brothers Osborne’s T.J. and John Osborne boasted one heck of a circle and a very musical home on Villa Place in Nashville’s Edgehill Village neighborhood. Trust us when we tell you from experience that it was cooler than any bar in town, and definitely the place to be on any given night.

Music, laughs, hugs and beers were always waiting for you if these boys were hosting, along with a neighborhood jam session that could break out at any time of the day or night.

“There were two houses right across the street from each other and it was almost like it was music campus. It was a fraternity house almost,” T.J. Osborne told

“And we didn’t really have anything going on. We would go make enough money to scrape by and still have a ton of overdraft slips coming in but just enough money to get by, and we would walk over to each other’s houses daily and jam. It would be easily three or four times a week, we’d be playing music, and it was a really great creative boot camp in a way. And we just hung out. I think a lot of those people that circle went on to have a lot of success in music … it’s an interesting time to think about.”

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