Carrie Underwood: “I Get My Hubby Back”

The Blessing and the Curse of the Stanley Cup

Leave it to Carrie Underwood to see the silver lining in the end of the Nashville Predators’ hockey season.

The team was thisclose to winning the Stanley Cup, but on Thursday night (May 10), they lost to the Winnipeg Jets in Game 7 in Nashville.

And because Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher is one of the Predators — although an injury prevented him from playing in Thursday’s game — she shared how emotional it all was for her.

“Welp, to me & our 3-year-old, @mikefisher1212 is the greatest hockey player alive & the @PredsNHL are now & forever the greatest hockey team in NHL history,” Underwood shared on social media.

“Not the ending we wanted, but we’re alive & well & I get my hubby back, so I say God is good!”

She also joked that she is now a fan of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the team that will be heading into the next round of games against the Jets.

“And I’ll also say, until next season, I am officially a @GoldenKnights fan! I’ll enjoy seeing them make a little history,” she wrote. And their reply was genius. “There must be something in the water in Vegas,” they tweeted.

Underwood continued tweeting about the season, the team and the loyal, passionate fans. “PS, this @PredsNHL crowd was amazing tonight from beginning to end!!! So amazing and loud…like, REAL loud,” she said. “you know what I mean.”

Her last tweet of the night was an offer we’re pretty sure the Knights would never refuse.

“And one last thing…if the @GoldenKnights need an anthem singer, I’m 2-0 in the playoffs…just saying… Goodnight everybody! Lots of from #SMASHVILLE.”

The Golden Knights were a hard yes on that.

“Let us know what your schedule is like. We’ll have our people talk to your people,” they wrote.

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