How Midland Passed the Billy Bob’s Test

Honky Tonk “Burn Out” Video Lands Today

When it was time for Midland to shoot the video for their “Burn Out” heartbreak ballad, they went down to Fort Worth. And back to 1980.

In a recent radio interview, Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy talked about how emotional it was to take over Billy Bob’s Texas for the day because of all the legends who’ve played there since it opened in 1981.

“There’s enough room in there to really play around, and the people who run that place are so supportive of us. They’re old school country. They’ve seen it all. The Waylons, the Willies,” Duddy said, “so when they say y’all are the real deal, it’s like, ’OK. He’s seen it all.’”

The inspiration for what the band calls a cinematic masterpiece was the 1980’s romantic cowboy drama, Urban Cowboy. Complete with genuine line dancing on the old Texas-sized dance floor.

But while the idea for the setting came naturally, the casting was another story. “We actually had no idea who we were gonna cast, and it was coming down to the wire. Just nobody could fill the shoes of what we all we saw as the lead female protagonist,” Duddy said.

Enter Xian Mikol.

The Chinese, Irish, German and Norwegian model was perfect for the role, and a longtime friend of the band. “She was in Russia when we called her, and she flew back,” he said. “She’s a star, man.”

Like Wystrach says in the behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video, every one of the band’s heroes is on the walls at Billy Bob’s.

“It’s arguably the world’s greatest honky tonk,” he said.

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