Kacey Musgraves Says “Konichiwa” to Japan

The Grammy Winner Crosses Another Trip Off Her Bucket List

When you look at the brilliant and vivid culture of Japan, it makes total sense that it would speak to the whimsy of Kacey Musgraves.

It has—and she is officially in love.

After her debut on Saturday Night Live, the Grammy-winner hopped a plane to the gorgeous island nation and has spent the last several days in her personal heaven with the food, the colors, the sights and most importantly: the warm and welcoming people.

JAPAN IS SUCH A MOOD #neverleaving

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Musgraves even attended a class to learn a few Geisha lessons, a once-in-a-lifetime experience setup for her by her friends at YouTube Japan. She also had her own kimono-fitting appointment and an “unbelievable time in Harajuku.”

It suits her, doesn’t it?

But we think this moment at Kawaii Monster Café takes the cake so far: a team of fabulous bold and bright Harajuku girls dancing with Musgraves to “High Horse” in the pop-art themed restaurant right smack in the fashion epicenter of Tokyo.

This is the greatest thing we’ve seen all week.

Everything in this incredible city is fashionable, even the medical masks…

safety chic

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Musgraves has been kind enough to share the Instagram stories of her trip in her highlight reel on the main page of her account, just in case you want to watch and live vicariously like we do.

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