Jimmie Allen Gives Life and Love His “Best Shot”

The New Single and Video Boast an Important Message for Us All

“I’m ready to be the version of me that eight-year-old Jimmie knew I could be,” newcomer Jimmie Allen says in a voiceover opening his brand-new video.

It’s an intention set on an important occasion: the release of his debut single and music video, which is definitely the time to introduce his authentic self, giving life and love his “best shot.”

Allen’s video premiered on CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown this weekend, and it certainly brings the emotions as it touches on the importance of self-reflection and soul-searching, and how his family is at the center of his journey.

“For me, my strength comes from my family,” Allen tells CMT.com.

“They have shaped me into the man I am today so it was very important to me to honor that in the video and share a bit of my journey with them through old family videos and childhood photos.”

And what a precious family they are, as evident by these adorable old photos he shares.
The song offers a universal message that is full of the hope we all need in our world right now. It’s not about being perfect or striving for perfection. For Allen, it’s about accepting and celebrating our humanness and the power we have to be better.

“To me, ’Best Shot’ is about accepting that we all have flaws, we all make mistakes and we’ll all experience a few bumps in the road but never letting that discourage you from trying your best and giving life your all,” Allen said.

“It’s about looking at each day as a chance to be better for the ones you care about, because we’re lucky to have them in our lives.”

Words to live by if we’ve ever heard or read them.

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