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Ain’t It Funny How Thomas Rhett’s Life Changes?

By now, if you know Thomas Rhett, you probably know his whole story. But if you don’t, there’s a song for that.

His autobiographical “Life Changes” — the fourth single from his album of the same name — documents his years from being at Lipscomb University to now, just about eight years later. The lyrics take him from the college notebook full of bad songs he was writing, to his marriage proposal to the girl he fell in love with in second grade, to the two baby girls that came into his life right around the same time.

And Rhett is feeling really good about the fact that the song is on country radio now.

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“This song is so personal to me and my family and it is literally the coolest thing in the world to hear it being played out of my truck speakers,” Thomas Rhett wrote on an Instagram post on Monday (May 21). “This is one of those feeling-very-blessed posts.”

He co-wrote the song with his father, Rhett Akins, and Ashley Gorley and Jesse Frasure. And just like the song says, life changes, and he wouldn’t change it for the world.

Thomas Rhett’s next stop on his aptly named Life Changes tour is May 26 in Atlanta.

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