Get a Taste of Life on the Road with Miranda Lambert

Grammy-winner’s New Video Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Her Tour

When you think of all the country legends and icons who’ve come before today’s stars, it’s easy to see the pressure that falls on the next generation of artists like Miranda Lambert to fill those boots and carry the torch.

Her latest single aptly titled “Keeper of the Flame” is an ode to keeping the tradition alive, the tradition of tried-and-true songs, the endless miles of touring, and the drive and passion that never dies: all of which comprise what it takes to go down in the history books.

For Lambert, gratitude is at the center of this song.

“We just wrote it from the perspective of someone that’s so grateful to be carrying the torch for only a short time, but really not taking it lightly,” Lambert said in a statement.

“Our heroes before us have laid out these paths and blazed these trails for us to get to do what we love. And our obligation is to make sure that we inspire others,” she added.

Which is exactly what Lambert is doing for a whole new generation of aspiring artists. The brand-new music video for the single takes us behind-the-scenes of Lambert’s Highway Vagabond Tour, where we see first-hand what goes into each show. From unloading the semi-trucks full of gear to soundcheck to the singer putting on her own makeup to go out and meet her loyal fans, she puts her heart and soul into every bit of it.

And these sweet kids and little girls we see in cowboy hats, holding homemade posters are no doubt a reminder for Lambert that this is why she got into this business. And why it’s so important to keep the flame burning brightly.

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