Maren Morris on Being That Cool Boss

Taking Care of Her People Is a Job Perk

Late on Wednesday night (May 30), Maren Morris shared some deep thoughts on Twitter.

I’m not sure exactly what caused her epiphany — maybe something about being down under while she tours New Zealand and Australia — but it definitely sounds like she had had one of those days where she was feeling blessed to have the job she has. And not just the singer-songwriter job, but the big picture, running-the-whole-damn-show job.

The one where Maren is the boss, but the cool boss who treats everyone equally, takes care of her people and always maintains an open-door policy. That is, in fact, her favorite part of her job.

“One of my favorite things about being a boss, bar none, is taking care of people,” Morris wrote. “Band and crew salaries and healthcare, knowing they can come talk to me directly and not my ’assistant,’ offer ideas and creative, & building loyalties both ways is so effing cool.”

There is a tendency to occasionally forget that artists who write, record and tour are never doing it alone. And while that team of people — at least from Morris’ perspective — is taking care of her and her music, she is committed to taking care of that team.

In other words, Morris is making this country music business a pleasure.