Dan + Shay: Still Speechless Over That Tweet

“We Are Super Fans,” Duo Says Backstage

It happened a couple of weeks ago, but Dan + Shay are still not over it.

When a Twitter follower asked pop star Demi Lovato what her favorite song was right now, she responded, “Speechless by Dan + Shay.” It’s a song that the duo wrote about the moment they first saw their brides (Abby Law and Hannah Billingsley, respectively) walking down the aisle. They released the song on May 18, and it will be on their self-titled upcoming album arriving on June 22.

Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney were quick to thank her, telling Levato, “Thanks Demi! We’re huge fans, let’s sing together sometime.” And later, when another one of Lovato’s fans asked if she’d work with the duo, she simple said, “Yes.”

So, will they? When I caught up with Dan + Shay backstage after the CMT Music Awards, and after they’d won the award for duo of the year for their “Tequila” video, they seemed eager to start to process.

“We’ve never even met Demi. We are super fans, though,” Dan Smyers told me. “I tweeted about her two months ago, and I said you cannot not get hyped when her “Sorry Not Sorry” comes on.

“I mean, I go insane when that song comes on,” he said of her big summer hit from 2017. “I rage to it.”

After Lovato’s tweet, Smyers and Mooney said they watched their social media start blowing up with her fans. “We were speechless,” Mooney added. “Because we just wanted to put out a few of our favorites for the fans, before the album is out, because they deserve it since we made them wait two years for the next album.”

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