See Kelsea Ballerini Call Out Cupid in “I Hate Love Songs”

The Singer Tackles Romantic Cliches in Brand New Video

There are some love songs we hate, too, Kelsea Ballerini, but we love this one and you so much.

And just when you thought both “I Hate Love Songs” and Ballerini couldn’t get any more adorable, this perfect video comes along.

Directed by Tracie Goudie, the video is one flowing, technicolor, aww-inducing moment after another complete with scenes of every romantic cliché you can imagine bringing an eyeroll or a smirk to the blonde beauty’s flawless face.

We particularly love the interrupted proposal scene where she walks off with the couple’s wine, because no wine left behind, right, Kels?

But, of course, as nauseating as the “icky” sappy stuff may be, real love is a beautiful thing and more valuable to Ballerini than all the roses and chocolates in the world. And we get to see a little bit of that love glow when the mysterious “M” calls. We’ll give you two guesses who that could be…

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