Spend the Night at Springwater with Jason Aldean

New Video Puts You Right in the Dive

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to spend all night in a dive bar with Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert, now you know.

You guys would all shoot some pool, throw some darts, play a few rounds of poker, smoke some cigs, and drink too much whiskey. Because, as the song says, whiskey’s supposed to drown the memories. But when your heart is this kind of broken, it doesn’t work. And in fact, the memory of your love is what ultimately drowns the whiskey.

The song — Aldean’s latest and his second duet with Lambert (they’d recorded “Grown Woman” together for his 2007 album Relentless) — was penned by Brandon Kinney, Jeff Middleton and Josh Thompson. And the video was directed by Shaun Silva, who is the man behind so many of Aldean’s videos over the years, such as “”Take a Little Ride,” “Gonna Know We Were Here,” “Lights Come On,” “A Little More Summertime,” “Any Ol’ Barstool” and “You Make It Easy.”

And it was indeed shot at a dive bar. The diviest of dives. Nashville’s Springwater is allegedly the oldest dive in the state of Tennessee. It’s the place where Dierks Bentley got his start, and was reportedly paid in beer. The bar is open until 3:00 am every night/morning, and is just a couple miles west of Lower Broadway, at 115 27th Ave North.