What Arkansas Means to Justin Moore

Cheers on His Hogs, Just One Game Away

Of course Justin Moore wanted to move back to Arkansas. That’s where his roots are, where his family is and where his beloved Hogs originated.

Moore shared a picture on Instagram on Wednesday (June 27) supporting the University of Arkansas Razorbacks who are killing it in the college world series and will play game three against Oregon State University on Thursday night (June 28).

The last time I caught up with Moore, he was at home in Arkansas, where he’d moved after his first daughter Ella was about to turn one, in 2011. “I’d moved to Nashville right after my high school graduation, and lived there for almost ten years,” Moore had said. “I didn’t really care about living in Nashville. I just knew it was better for me personally to move back home to Arkansas. And I knew that what was better for me personally would be better for me professionally.

“I knew I’d miss out on opportunities and awards, but it mattered more to me to raise my kids here,” he said of the move that took him 400 miles southwest of Music City. “That took priority.”

“I never even wanted to leave Arkansas in the first place, so it was always my goal to move back,” he said. Which sounds a lot like the lyric in his second single “Small Town USA”: I watch people leave and then come right back/I never wanted any part of that.

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