Nine Luke Bryan Lyrics We Can’t Wait to Taste

How He's Been Ready for 32 Bridge Kitchen Since 2007

We get that Luke Bryan isn’t reinventing the wheel with his new Nashville eatery. He’s really just following in the footsteps of the artists-turned-restauranteurs who have come before him: Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Alan Jackson, Kid Rock and John Rich.

But here’s why we think Bryan is highly qualified to open his new 32 Bridge Kitchen + Drink on Nashville’s legendary Lower Broadway.

Since his debut in early 2007, Bryan has written and recorded a pretty hearty helping of songs with food references. And yes, there are also plenty of lyrics about drinks — beer, wine, Bloody Marys, a little Crown in her Dixie cup, a jar full of clear and a double shot of heaven — but there’s just something so genuinely Southern about the way he sings about food.

Here’s hoping these lines make it on the menu when his place opens.

  1. Pork rinds, turnip greens and sweet tea

    These are just a few of the Southern nibbles he mentioned in “Good Directions,” his first No. 1 song with Billy Currington.

  2. Grow my own groceries and salt-cure a ham

    Bryan grows crops on his property just south of Nashville. Thank God, he’s a “Country Man.”

  3. Sushi, veggie, raw and edgy natural stuff

    It’s all the healthy foods his love loves in “Baby’s on the Way.”

  4. Redeye gravy on a biscuit

    This Southern delicacy is featured in “I’ll Stay Me” …

  5. Hot dog, sweet potato fries

    … as are these grill-out staples.

  6. Butter drippin’ off a biscuit

    Steaming biscuits are the only way to start the morning in “What Country Is” …

  7. Homemade peach ice cream

    …followed by this decadent dessert.

  8. A little catfish dinner

    Sounds like a winner, winner from “That’s My Kind of Night.”

  9. Peanut butter sandwich

    His go-to snack on a fishing trip in “I Do All My Dreamin’ There.”