Everette’s “Slow Roll” Flows from a Nursery Rhyme

Official Video Filmed on Historic Beale Street

As musicians and songwriters, Everette’s Anthony Olympia and Brent Rupard feel they’re doing their jobs 110 percent when fans recognize themselves in their music.

“That’s what you hope for as a songwriter,” Rupard tells CMT.com, “you create something, then hopefully some people see themselves in it, and when you get together for a show, it feels like family. It’s a spiritual experience.”

“I sometimes feel like I’m recognizing or finding myself in the songs we write,” Olympia adds, “almost like a mirror.”

The rising newcomers grew up eight miles from one another in Bullitt County, Ky., but they didn’t connect until they were 21 when Rupard took a guitar lesson from the classically trained Olympia. After 12 years of making music together, they released their major label debut, the Slow Roll EP, this summer.

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