Cam Insists There’s No One Road to Happiness

Fall Tour Will Stop In 16 Cities

Here’s why Cam knows so much about finding her happy place: “I’ve met unhappy successful people and happy ’unsuccessful’ people. There’s no one road to happiness, it doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion. Happiness is now, and it’s up to you to feel it in the moment,” she says.

That’s how the singer-songwriter looks at life and her new single, “Road to Happiness,” which she wrote with Tyler Johnson and Hillary Lindsey. “This song is me working through all this, and trying to be present and happy in my own way,” she shared.

In a recent Instagram post, Cam even joked about the dichotomy of how she feels on the inside vs. how she looks on the outside.

And even though Cam insists there is no one road to happiness, there is one road to her fans. So she’ll be hitting the highway in September for a string of 16 tour dates. Singer-songwriter Lucie Silvas will join Cam on most of those dates. Tickets go on sale on Friday (July 27) through Cam’s website.

Here are the dates for Cam’s Road to Happiness tour:

Sept. 26: Nashville, TN
Sept. 27: Birmingham, AL
Sept. 28: Atlanta, GA
Sept. 29: Charlotte, NC

Oct. 4: Washington, DC
Oct. 5: Philadelphia, PA
Oct. 6: Boston, MA
Oct. 7: New York, NY
Oct. 12: Rosemont, IL
Oct. 13: Columbus, OH
Oct. 16: Kansas City, MO
Oct. 17: Oklahoma City, OK
Oct. 19: Dallas, TX
Oct. 20: Austin, TX
Oct. 21: Houston, TX
Oct. 23: Denver, CO

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