The Hottest Spots in Nashville for Your Bachelorette Party

The Crew of Bach Weekend Has You Covered

The moment we saw the first trailer for the upcoming series Bachelorette Weekend, we knew that Bach Weekend’s Robbie and company knew every hotspot and hideaway in Nashville like we never will.

Our newly appointed “It City” can be hard to navigate with the recent boom of incredible dining, nightlife, and attractions, but thankfully, the crew has put together a shortlist of their favorite spots around town that know how to really get a party started—and a few of our favorite haunts were luckily on the list.

From grade-A burgers to a killer dancefloor to a legendary honky-tonk and a five-star restaurant, they’ve got you covered for whatever once-in-a-lifetime experience tickles your fancy.

But just know that if you visit Sinema and don’t take a glamorous selfie in their divinely ornate ladies room, then we can’t be friends.

Bachelorette Weekend premieres next Thursday, April 2 at 11 PM Eastern on CMT.