DCC’s Kelli McGonagill Finglass’ Road to Cheerleading Glory

The Director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Reflects Back on Her Time with the Squad

Nobody knows the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as well as Kelli McGonagill Finglass—we mean nobody.

For more than two decades she’s been the face of and fixture on the squad, first as a cheerleader herself, then as an assistant director and now the director of the organization, a title she’s held for 27 years strong.

Yep: she’s one tough, beautiful and smart cookie, and also the glue that holds the team together and protects the brand and the girls.

“Before the show, people didn’t realize the cheerleaders as individuals and might not have the respect for them as dancers, athletes, and high-achieving women,” Finglass says in the video.

“I think now the show has highlighted just how talented these ladies are, how impressive their journeys are to get to the squad.”

We can’t wait to see Finglass and her amazing team get to work with a whole new crop of hopefuls!

A brand-new season of DCC: Making The Team high kicks off April 2nd at 10PM Eastern on CMT.