Jordan Davis Celebrates “Singles You Up” with Co-Writers

Song’s Producer, Paul DiGiovanni, Also Honored

“There’s no better way to take the pressure off than have your boss say, ‘Even if you screw up, it’s still a No. 1.”

So said an elated but wary Jordan Davis when he took the stage Monday afternoon (July 30) to render an acoustic version of his first No. 1 song, “Singles You Up.” To the delight of all, he didn’t screw up.

Flanking Davis at the Fat Bottom Brewery performance hall in West Nashville — and chiming in on the vocals — were his co-writers on the song, Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach.

Hundreds of Music Row worker bees congregated for the high-spirited event, and most of them dutifully shouted out “baby” and “crazy” whenever those keystone words came up in the song.

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