Brett Eldredge Checks In from the Road

Resumes Long Way Tour with Devin Dawson and Abby Anderson

Brett Eldredge has officially settled into headliner life. He has graduated from performing 45-minute sets opening for Little Big Town, Keith Urban and co-headlining 2015’s CMT On Tour with Thomas Rhett, to doing 90-minute performances, digging deep into his four-album catalog.

He is currently enjoying summer on the road with upcoming performances in Canada and the Illinois State Fair.

“That’s one of the things in doing a headlining tour,” Eldredge tells Billboard, “you have more time to tell your story than just forty-five minutes. I can include some songs that tell a little more about me, and how I got to the place that I’m at.

“For me, it’s digging in and coming up with things like ’Raymond,’ which was my first single from 2010. I want it to be a heart-to-heart kind of show, and I feel that I’m really coming into my own on this tour. I get to pull from a lot of different places. There’s some cover stuff, but for the most part, I can just dig in. I’ve got three albums now, and I get to play whatever I want. I just want to make it a really cool experience for everyone that’s out there.”

His repertoire includes the Frank Sinatra-influenced holiday album Glow, and he isn’t ruling out the possibility of unleashing his inner old-school crooner for fans on tour.

“I think it’s that’s very possible,” he says. “I haven’t dived into it all the way yet, but I think that’s definitely something that I could wind up doing when we get back out there. I’m looking forward to trying some different things and doing some throwback stuff that was my inspiration. I come from a unique place of musical influences, and I have always tried to show that — but I get a chance to share that even more on this tour.”

The Long Way Tour with Devin Dawson and Abby Anderson resumes Sept. 13 in Denver, Co.

Lauren Tingle is a Tennessean and storyteller who eats music for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When she’s not writing or rocking out, she enjoys yoga and getting lost in the great outdoors.