Brad Paisley Names Next Dodgeball Victim

Preparing to Beat Blake Shelton Senseless

Blake Shelton recently had ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction. And man is he lucky for that.

Because as soon as he recovers, Brad Paisley is going to take him down during an old-school game of dodgeball.

When Paisley was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night (Aug. 9), he explained his new love for the old game. “What happened is I built this garage and put a room above it, and they said, ‘What do you want to put up there? An apartment or something?’ I said, ‘No. Make it a gym.’

“And the next thing you know, we put a piece of blue tape across the floor, and we were beating each other senseless with dodgeball,” Paisley told Fallon, comparing it to some kind of Game of Thrones brutality.

Then Fallon asked if fellow country stars — Shelton, in particular — would be welcome up in the gym.

“Blake had Tommy John Surgery, that thing pitchers get,” he said, “but when he’s better, I’m gonna beat him senseless.”

Then the conversation turned to music because Paisley’s summer tour is just about over: his last tour stop is planned for Sept. 1 in Kentucky. And he told Fallon that what he likes to do when he’s out on the road is test out new material. Like one he wrote recently about that first romance (Spoiler Alert: It’s not romantic in the slightest.). He didn’t share the title, so let’s just call it “Firsts.”

First date
First kiss
First taste of loving
You were my first cousin

We got in big trouble
With your dad: my uncle
Because you were my first

And I’ll always be your first
And our children will be second cousins