The Next Round’s on Morgan Evans

All About His Honky-Tonk Celebration

You know what pairs nicely with a new release? A free drink, courtesy of Morgan Evans.

Evans was in the iconic Tootsies Orchid Lounge to celebrate the release of his first EP Morgan Evans on Thursday night (Aug. 9), and bought his fans a round of shots. Tootsies was the first place Evans visited when he arrived in Nashville for the first time a decade ago, so it seemed like the best place for him to revisit now that he’s firmly established himself as a country singer.

After the toast to his fans and his new life here in America, the Australian shared his emotions about how far he’s come. He posted on social media all about how much the release means to him.

“More & more when I experience big life and career moments, they remind me of all the little ones that happened before and made them possible. I first visited Nashville 10 years ago, and within 2hrs of landing I made my way to Tootsies on Broadway. I remember that moment as one of the defining ones, ‘this is the greatest city on earth.’

“Tonight to celebrate the release of my first EP & the song ’Young Again’ I thought it’d be fitting to head back to the bar that started my Nashville journey and buy the bar a shot and toast, to the release, and the fact that ‘we will never be this young again,’” he wrote, quoting a lyric from his new single “Young Again.”

Evans’ full-length debut album — packed with tracks he co-wrote — is due out this fall. There’s no word on whether or not he’ll buy shots for the Tootsies crowd on that release date, but if there’s even the slightest possibility that he will, I’ll drink to that.

Evans’ next stop on the road is on Aug. 19 in Rhode Island.