Dierks Bentley: Planting Seeds of Compassion in Kids

EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes of WE Day Special

This is what fame and fortune have brought Dierks Bentley: a chance to give it away.

In an exclusive video from behind the scenes at the WE Day Special that Bentley’s part of, he talks about how much he and his wife Cassidy try to teach their children — Evelyn, Jordan and Knox — about giving back.

“We constantly think about ways to give our kids as much of a balance as possible,” Bentley said. “One of our favorite things to do is just go to Second Harvest, which is a food bank in Nashville, and pack backpacks for kids. They learn about the fact that these kids get their food from school. That’s the only place they really eat.”

What he hopes that teaches his two daughters and his son is that the life they’re living is very different from the rest of the world. “It really helps them understand the privileges they have,” he said, “and hopefully plants a little bit of a seed in them for having that compassion and interest in helping folks in their community.” He also shares that he’s trying to raise them to think beyond the little 25-mile radius around their Nashville home.

Bentley is one of the celebrities being highlighted in the WE Day Special on Friday (Aug. 17) on ABC, because he has taken his good works to the next level by involving his family in his charitable efforts. Efforts that go beyond just writing a check. Other stars joining Bentley on the show include John Stamos, Selena Gomez, Will Ferrell, Dr. Phil, The Chainsmokers, Martin Sheen and more.

“When you’ve had a chance to climb your own mountain,” Bentley says, “you can always look back around and see who you can help on their journey as well.”

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