How Dolly Parton’s Father Inspires Her Every Day

And How She Earned the GH Seal of Approval

Here’s something about Dolly Parton that I never knew: She is the only person to have ever earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. She earned it back in 2001 for the work she was doing (and continues to do) donating books to children through her Imagination Library.

And here’s something else. When Good Housekeeping talked with Parton for their September issue, she said that her father is the one who inspires her the most, in part because of the obstacles he overcame and in part because he was just a good man.

“My father, who couldn’t read or write,” Parton said when the magazine asked her who she looked up to. “He was from a big country family, and most kids worked in the fields rather than going to school.

“He felt inadequate, but he was such a smart, good human being.”

It looks like Parton followed her father’s lead when it comes to being a good human being. She recently donated her 100 millionth book.

She also shared with the magazine that The Little Engine That Could is her personal favorite book. Why? “It shows children that you can do it if you think you can,” she said. “That’s my philosophy in life.”

Last weekend, Leadership Tennessee honored Parton with its first-ever Dolly Parton Excellence in Leadership Award.

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